About RealStash

RealStash is the leading real estate and rental marketplace.

Our Mission

Our mission at RealStash is very simple: we want to make the NYC real estate industry more organized and streamlined for everyone. By providing agents with tools to stay organized and work efficiently, we believe we can fix all the headaches that buyers and renters face everyday. Making real estate simple is our mission. Making New York City real estate simple, that’s our passion.

Our Passion

As a real estate tech company, you can imagine how much we love real estate. Our passion for real estate is what drives us to make it simple. If you Google the top three stressors in an adult’s life, you’ll see moving as #3 on the list. We aim to change that. We want you to be able to pick your favorite home and close the entire transaction in a single place, RealStash. Why? Because of our vision.

Our Vision

We see RealStash as the future of real estate, not just here in New York City but all over the world. RealStash will be a one-stop-shop for everything related to real estate. How do we plan on making our vision a reality? By completing our mission.