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<div class="zillow-badges"><InvalidTag src=""></script><InvalidTag src="" type="text/javascript"></script><a target="_blank" href=" Healy"><img src="" alt="Gregory Healy reviews"></img></a><div style="text-align:center;font-weight:bold;font-size:10px;line-height:12px;color:#36b;width:217px;"><a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:none;font-weight:bold;font-size:10px;line-height:12px;color:#36b;">New York homes for sale</a></div></div> <h2>Real Estate Experience that Benefits You</h2> My company has a 5-Star rating on Yelp. I've recently been given the "10 Best Real Estate Professionals in New York State Award" for Customer Satisfaction. I love New York City and have spent much of my life living and working here. I have 25 years of New York City rental experience, and am skilled in making what could be a difficult apartment search into a painless one. With all the years I've done this work, I've learned to listen closely to clients, so that I can quickly understand your needs and wants. With this knowledge, I approach all the buildings we work with to find something that will make you --and your budget -- happy. <h2>I’ll Help You Get Past Renting Obstacles</h2> Drawing on long-standing relationships with landlords, building managers and supers, I know what criteria different landlords have for screening applications. I have a good track record at getting past any obstacles you may encounter with your paperwork. <h2> Excerpts from Testimonials</h2> Yelp 5-Star 8/30/2016 “Whenever you need Greg, he's there to answer your call. Greg is very easily reachable and reliable.” </p> Yelp 5-Star 5/18/2016 “I had the pleasure recently of working with Greg. He was attentive, organized and kept me abreast of everything that was necessary during a very daunting process. I would use his services again as well as recommend to anyone looking for a broker unlike any other!” </p> Yelp 5-Star 8/19/2015 “Greg was great. He helped both: get the apartment I wanted, and coordinated the doc signatures and checks while I was away. Highly recommend Greg and his team.” </p> Yelp 5-Star 5/12/2015 Hard workers and great doing business with. </p> Yelp 5-Star 4/14/2013 “Hands down the best broker I have ever dealt with in New York.” </p> <h2>Client Advocate</h2> I am also practiced in advocating for clients after move-in to facilitate a good, ongoing relationship with your new landlord. <h2>My Background</h2> I was born in Brooklyn, but my parents quickly moved to the George Washington Bridge Apartments in Washington Heights, so my childhood started out in one of the neighborhoods I service. I attended Columbia and Baruch Universities, where I gained a B.S in Engineering and an M.B.A in Business respectively. I was on the Columbia swim team as a student, and swam competitively at the Master’s level until I was thirty. Around that time I entered the property world by working for a Mortgage Broker, and then quickly moved, in the early 1990s, to real estate. I worked for three Manhattan real estate agencies before starting my own in 2001. <InvalidTag src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> <InvalidTag type="IN/MemberProfile" data-id="" data-format="inline"></script>

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