Don’t Spend Your Rent Money

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******** EARN AN EASY $20!!!! (sent via Zelle) by Submitting a 30 second clip of 2 people acting this conversion out.

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Character 1 (C1): Cornn – Tempted to spend his rent money at the bar.

Character 2 (C2): Doppy – Cornn’s level-headed friend.

Setting: A cozy corner of a local bar, Cornn sits with Doppy, contemplating his decision.

C1: (sighing) Doppy, I’ve been thinking. I’ve had a tough week, and I’m really tempted to spend my rent money on a night out. Just forget my responsibilities for a while, you know?

C2: (concerned) Cornn, I understand you’ve had a rough time, but spending your rent money at the bar isn’t the answer. Your responsibilities won’t magically disappear, and it’ll only make things worse.

C1: (defensive) I know, I know. But right now, I just want to drown my sorrows and have some fun. What’s the harm in that?

C2: (firmly) The harm is that you’ll be putting yourself in a difficult spot. Rent is a priority. If you spend that money now, you’ll be stressed about making ends meet later. It’s not worth it, my friend.

C1: (frustrated) But I need a break, Doppy! I’ve been working so hard, and I deserve to enjoy myself for once. What’s the point of being responsible all the time?

C2: (sympathetic) I understand that, Cornn. Everyone needs a break, but there are other ways to unwind without jeopardizing your financial stability. How about finding a more affordable way to relax?

C1: (curious) Like what?

C2: (suggesting) Well, we could have a movie night at home, or we could go for a walk in the park. There are plenty of free or low-cost activities that can help you relax and take your mind off things.

C1: (hesitant) I suppose that could work. But it won’t be as exciting or fun as going to the bar.

C2: (encouraging) It may not be the same, but it’s about finding healthier alternatives. Plus, think about the relief you’ll feel when you’ve paid your rent on time and have that financial burden off your shoulders.

C1: (pausing, reflecting) You’re right, Doppy. I need to prioritize my responsibilities and find healthier ways to unwind. Spending my rent money at the bar won’t solve anything in the long run.

C2: (smiling) I’m glad you’re seeing the bigger picture, Cornn. Let’s come up with some enjoyable, budget-friendly activities that can help you relax and destress without compromising your financial stability.

C1: (grateful) Thanks, Doppy. I appreciate your advice and support. I need someone like you to keep me grounded when I’m tempted to make impulsive decisions.

C2: (supportive) That’s what friends are for, Cornn. We’re here to help each other make wise choices. Together, we’ll find healthier ways for you to enjoy yourself and keep your responsibilities intact.

Remember, it’s crucial to prioritize financial responsibilities and make wise decisions that will benefit your long-term well-being.

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