How To Get Your Security Deposit Back

how to get security deposit

You have given your landlord the notice, paid your last month’s rent, and are quite ready to clear the space.

But unfortunately, your landlord is yet to return your security deposit.

Those who have rented apartments know that the hefty chunk of change will go a long way in covering future expenses.

Looking to get that cash back in the most efficient way possible, this is how to get your security deposit back and finally be on your way. 

Review Your Lease 

Prior to moving out and moving in, do well to review your lease – like take time to re-read it painstakingly.

It’s the lease that should inform you how and when the tenant can notify the landlord of their move.

From this document, you should get the laid out terms and conditions for getting the security deposit back.

This should also include the number of days your lessor has to return the deposit and the move-out inspection requirements. 

Take Note Of Existing Changes 

When you take over occupancy, make sure to document all the changes to the home that already exist, including the damages.

Take clear pictures of holes, markings, wears, tears and other unusuals on the property.

Then, transfer photos of these observations to the landlord at the beginning of the rental term so the landlord will be aware.

That way, he or she will not be able to hold you responsible for these damages. 

Give Proper Notice And Conduct Walk-Through 

While the rules that govern lease determination differ from region to region, it’s something generally acceptable that you must give your landlord notice at least 30 days before you move out.

If you fail to give your lessor this notice, you are most likely to at least one extra month of rent, and you’ll have to wait longer to get that security deposit.

Also, ask your landlord for a quick walk-through so as to know what needs repair and cleaning.

This will also help you focus on your lessor’s requests rather than wasting time on something that won’t affect the retrieval of your security deposit retrieval. 

Tie Up Loose Ends 

In as much as it’s ideal to drop off the keys, you should also leave your landlord a forwarding address.

And should you want the security deposit forwarded somewhere aside from your address, ensure you leave proper info with your landlord as well.

Do let your landlord know where to send the security deposit.

Do not forget to always be abreast with your legal rights as a tenant.

While renters’ rights may vary depending on the state where you are renting, many of the general rules are still the same.

You now understand the necessary precautions and fixes to help you get your security deposit back!

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