How to Transfer Utilities

How to transfer utilities

The point when you must transfer utilities before moving out is almost as important as conducting an apartment walkthrough before signing your lease. 

Thankfully, it’s also one of those things that is simple, only requiring a few phone calls or taps on your phone; and perhaps a checklist just make sure nothing is missing. 

Once you learn how to transfer utilities and get the task completed ahead of time, you’ll be able to enjoy your new home without any unnecessary headaches. 

transfer utilities

Transfer or change utilities, which one is it?

Don’t mix these two up.

If you are staying in the same town, but changing your address and apartment, you will probably have the same utility providers.

However, if you are moving to a new state, you will probably need to change everything and seek out the local providers who service your new area.

In the first case, you can switch everything over with a few phone calls to the utility companies.

In the second case, you will need to cancel the old utilities (and don’t forget to keep records of payment and the contact information from them in case there is some mix up) and search for the new ones where you are moving.

You can ask your landlord to recommend you some, or you can google service providers for your area

Make a list

What are the utilities you are using currently, and are there any new ones you will need?

Are any of those included in your rent?

Write all the utilities down together with their numbers, for example:

Current utilities:

  • Electricity: provider name – number
  • Water: provider name – number
  • Cable: provider name – number
  • Internet: provider name – number
  • Gas: provider name – number

Possible new utilities:

Trash removal: provider name – number

transfer utilities

Transfer utilities step-by-step

  • Give notice Before you move out, call your providers ahead of time, let them know when you will stop using them and ask all the bills till that date to be sent to you.
    Let them know from which date you will no longer need their services.
  • Pay the bills, cancel the old ones Make sure all the bills are paid and you have receipts as proof before you cancel the services.
    Report the cancellation in advance and double check if everything is paid when you call to cancel the utilities.
  • Check what you needWhich utilities you will need to cover, which are included in your rent?
  • Call and order new onesIn advance (30-15 days before moving in) call and order new utilities.
    Let them know when you will move in and need their services and arrange when you will visit and discuss the deals/ packages they offer.
  • Conduct meter readings – if possible, before moving out, make sure you conduct a final meter reading and make sure that you will have proof in case any disputes or billing issues arise.
    If you have used any additional equipment for cable or internet service (like a modem) return it, and turn off everything before leaving.
transfer utilities

Don’t forget!

  • Inform everyone about your new address:
    Your utility companies are not the only ones who need to be informed.
    You will also need to update your new address a few other places to avoid dealing with possible issues in the future.
    Update you new address with the following:
    • Family & friends 
    • Your boss, colleagues
    • Post office
    • Banks and other financial institutions
    • Insurance company
    • Social security company
    • Mobile carrier
    • Medical institutions
    • Newspapers and magazine subscriptions
    • Online profiles, emails, e-banks

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